Top Free Software

This article contains my top favorite freeware software applications, I use all of these applications on a regular basis. Because I develop software some of them are not useful to regular PC users, I describe what each application does so it should be clear if the application would be of any use to yourself.

AVG - Anti Virus

AVG is a well established company which started in 1991. It supplies various security related products which are cost, but if you are just a home user I would recommend the AVG Free edition, which gives the PC basic protection.

Paint.Net - Graphics

This is a great freeware paint application, it does not have all the features of PhotoShop, but for most image editing I do it works well. It is very easy to use and offers some nice image effects.

FileZilla - FTP Client

FileZilla is my favortite FTP client application, it allows me to quickly upload and download files from web sites and external servers. It supports the standard FTP and also FTPS and SFTP protocols. I use this software on both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

Primo PDF - Reporting

This is a very useful piece of software, it adds itself to your list of printers and printing to it creates a PDF document. I find it beneficial for testing report developments and it saves on paper.

Cropper - Image Capture

This is a smart little application that allows you to select an area of your desktop with a ghost like rectangle and capture that area and then paste that image into documents or graphics software. Very easy to use and a useful tool, particularly when documenting software allowing you to take screen captures of dialogs.

HTML-Kit - Web Site Development

I have been using this freeware HTML editor for years now, it allows you to quickly create simple web pages edit the HTML and quickly preview the results. This software is also useful for editing CSS, XML and JavaScript and include syntax highlighting and a certain amount of code completion.

Open Office - Productivity suite

Open Office is a free suite of applications, which is similar to MS Office. The suite is for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and databases. It does not contain as many features as MS Office, but is free and easy to use. It does take time to open because of the type of software used to develop it. Overall because this suite is free it is worth having if you don't want to pay for MS Office.

You can download these applications from various freeware sites including

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Written 20/01/2011 - Copyright RicRac Developments